Never escape from London without checking out these places

Posted on: 01, Sep 2016

London, one of the best cities this world has ever produces and no wonder a perfect destination for millions of tourists from across the globe. People even end up falling in love with this city and it’s not their fault as well. The name itself is enough to draw the attention of so many travelers around the world. And to add to all the other offerings of this city, its food and commotion makes this city an absolute delight of all time. Few of the most memorable locations of London are as follows:

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre happens to be an open-air playhouse built as a reconstruction and renovation of the building where the father of English literature wrote many of his plays. The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Tour and Exhibition befriends visitors to all aspects of the Globe, historical and modern, including Sam Wanamaker’s epic struggle to recreate the theatre from the 1599 original. This place is best suited to be visited with a companion of the similar taste. And if you don’t have them, get one such companion from 24/7 London escorts.

The HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast narrates the stories of those men who survived on board of the former Royal Navy warship, which was home to a crew of a population of 950 men. Discover nine decks of seafaring history and listen to sailors’ experiences of battle from the Second World War first hand and much more – including the convoys in icy Arctic conditions and the 404 days spent guarding the waters during the Korean War. Get yourself totally involved in the middle of battle in The Gun Turret Experience and travel down to the bowels of the ship to witness the machines that powered her across the world. Take the charge of a fleet off North Borneo in the interactive Operations Room and discover about the experiences of those men who were on board of the ship in the Life at Sea exhibition.

London Wetland Centre

Arranged nicely in a loop of the Thames, London Wetland Centre is a cosmopolitan oasis for wildlife and people; a rural idyll in the heart of the capital.  It is apt for a relaxing walk stretching along the paths that meander among the lakes, meadows and gardens.  The venue is a heaven for wild ducks, wading birds, butterflies, bats, amphibians and water creatures.  Visitors also have the option of witnessing a collection of amazing water birds from around the globe, and look at the antics of the otter family at feeding time. With six hides, two kids’ adventure zones and a café there is always something or the other for everyone no matter what the weather is. However do make sure to visit this location with a companion by your side as the serenity of this place demands it. And if you are alone, solo traveler in London. Get one partner from J London escorts.